Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Record Cuts (Third Assignment)

Our third assignment was based on some of Christian Marclay's work with cutting vinyl records and putting them together with others. I used a band saw and hot knife to cut mine and super glued them together.

I drilled new holes and made a Care Bears Christmas record play off-center. It didn't sound any weirder than the record normally does. I combined Barry Manilow, Bill Cosby, and Beethoven record together as well and made a few variations with those. I chose Barry Manilow to keep up with the theme of my handmade instrument project, "Manilow's Lap." Bill Cosby is a topical figure in the news lately as well and I thought it'd be interesting what spoken word would sound like with the two. Beethoven is also my favorite composer and his work also sounded interesting to combine with Manilow and Cosby.

The most difficult part of the project was getting the record cuts to line up perfectly and keep them glued together. The pops on the recording are due to some gaps between the cuts and from the glue residue. The recordings remind me of someone changing the radio constantly or switching between songs on an iPod.

(Barry Manilow and Bill Cosby)

 (Care Bears Christmas)

 (Beethoven and Barry Manilow)

 (Barry Manilow, Bill Cosby, and Beethoven)

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