Wednesday, September 30, 2015

"Bury On, Cosby." (Fourth Assignment)

Our fourth assignment required the class to make a one-minute piece of music based on our previous assignments and including our voice. We were free to use any editing software so I used ProTools. I cut, spliced, panned, and manipulated the audio in a variety of ways to make a unique piece of music.

The title of the piece is a play on words. I thought of "Barry On Cosby" like when artists cover each other's songs and I changed it to "Bury On, Cosby." because of the recent scandals surrounding Bill Cosby and how he has buried his past for his entire life and continues to do so.

I used a Sci-Fi effect, reverb, pitch shift, and reversing effects for Manilow's Lap. The opening is solely reverb and is like the beginning to any old rockabilly song coming out of an old radio.

The Care Bears Christmas album had reversing effects that made the record even scarier than it is in its original state. It sounds like an alien or something. Some of the parts I recorded were so funny forwards and backwards that it was hard to choose which version I should include.

I pitch shifted some of Barry Manilow's lines and took out all of the pops from the recording and put the reverb on it. I solo'd it in the middle because the reverb buried the other records that were combined with it so it almost sounded like the regular record. It made for a cool effect like hearing "Even Now" from down a long hallway. I used a large church reverb.

I cut out all of Bill Cosby's lines and put them together and there are some phrases that are audible and kind of funny. I took out all the pops as well.

My looping song has a small part in this piece because it was difficult to fit it in. It's tough to tell the six sources in it and the humming is what really sticks out.

My voice part came from a funny Snapchat that I sent to Al and decided I could do some fun things with it. I pitch shifted my voice to an augmented fourth above and made the mix at 60% so the original could also be heard. I made "One minute" audible and repeated it because it was constantly running in my head to do as many interesting but coherent things within the time limit. I reversed a portion of the voice because it sounded good with the alien theme from the Care Bears.

The ending finale came from the 3-way record cut where Beethoven's symphony ended and they played the last note. I thought it would be fitting to put it at the end of mine and I'm also glad that that got recorded and that I could pull it out amongst all the other crazy audio.

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